Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Clear this up.

Just to clarify to you invisible readers of my blog, since you dont exist yet. I'm not actually German, I just know the language. And i saw bonjourno because it sounds cool tehe. Anyway my attention span is disappearing :) x


I've decided. It is sure and certain. That I am no longer under the impression that men can ever love, everrrr. Love doesn't exist and it never will. The only decent guy in this world is edward cullen and you know what the catch with him is? He isn't human. That's why he's so perfect, not to mention that he is a fictional character.
Maybe it would be easier to live life alone, going about my exciting business without doting on some stupid oaf who says he loves you but doesnt.

Either way, I might shorten this into a tweet. Bye xoxo